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Singleton International

Host Department Information

If you are interested in acting in the capacity of a “Host Department” for any Phil Singleton program, you will be required to:


·        Furnish ALL the facilities required.

               Ranges. INCLUDING ALL COSTS.

                        Supply the Target Frames and Cardboard Backers.

                       (Singleton International will provide the Paper Targets, & Glue.)

               Classroom. Comfortable and Large enough to hold the whole class.

                        Tables & Chairs.

                        TV & VCR with Blackboard and/or Large Pad.


·        Organize a hotel for all out-of-town attendees. (Including myself and/or my instructors)

·        A map or accurate written directions on how to get to the training sites, classroom, ranges and hotel, etc.

·        Teletype as regular as possible an announcement of the program.


The first 2 openings on the program are free and complementary to the host department.


Please keep in mind if you host one of my programs I am totally reliant on your efforts to ensure the facilities are professionally organised.  My success is your success.  Please help me to ensure that all the classes I offer are the most professional possible with the best facilities available.


All administration, class registrations and payments are my responsibility and will be handled by Phil Singleton here in Northern Virginia.

I hold the right to consider whether or not I wish to conduct a training class at any certain time or location.  My decisions when and where to conduct a class are based on simple issues:

·        Is there interest for the class of your choice in your area?

·        The date, and month for the class to be held?

·        The geographical location, and the standard of the available facilities?

·       Is there a conflict with a similar class being offered in your area? 



Based on the customised training I offer, I am open to individually designed programs.  As long as they are logical and can be conducted in the time frame allotted, any one class can be altered and modified, or any number of classes can be amalgamated into one to satisfy your training requirements.

Some of the Most Requested Classes I Currently Offer.


Prices for 2016.


3 Day   MP5 & M4/AR15 Operator.          (9mm – 5.56mm)          $550.00

6 Day   MP5 & M4/AR15 Instructor.         (9mm – 5.56mm)          $775.00

   (Re-Certification.  4 Days @ $550.00


5 Day    Shoot House Instructor.                                            $700.00

4 Day    Shoot House Instructor.                                            


Live-Fire, Room Assault for

Hostage Rescue, High-Risk-Warrant & Drugs Raids.

5 Day   MP5 & M4/AR15.   (Open to ANY 9mm – 5.56mm) $650.00

4 Day   MP5 & M4/AR15.   (Open to ANY 9mm – 5.56mm) $600.00

3 Day   Pistol.                                                                       $550.00


1 Day    Aircraft, Bus.                                                            $200.00

2 Day    Aircraft & Bus.                                                         $350.00

3 Day    Aircraft, Bus & Vehicle Stops.                                  $550.00


1 Day    Vehicle Stops.                                                          $200.00

2 Day    Bus & Vehicle Stops.                                                $350.00.


4 Day    Tactical Weapons.                                                     $600.00

5 Day    Tactical Weapons.                                                     $650.00               

5 Day    Precision Marksman.                                                 $750.00.

6 Day    Precision Marksman Instructor.                                $750.00.


5 Day    Basic Tactical Team. (52 Hours)                               $650.00.

5 Day   Advanced Tactical Team. (52 Hours)                         $650.00.



3 Day   Patrol/Urban Rifle.                                                     $550.00.

5 Day    Patrol/Urban Rifle Instructor.                                    $650.00.

Phil Singleton
P.O. Box 638
Amissville, VA 20106
Office: 540 (937) - 4731

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