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Singleton International

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I officially register for a class?
    Call, Fax or Email Phil Singleton and request information on the class of your choice. We will then send you all the info you need. It will include the hotel, day 1 start location, directions to all venues, requirement for the class, an outline of the program and a registration form. Once you receive this package and are committed to attending, simply fill out the attached registration form and return it to us in Virginia . 1 (540) 937-4731 Office.

  • When I send in a registration form am I registered for a class?
    No! You will be contacted by Phil Singleton first. Don't just show up for a class without verifying that you are registered.

  • What certification and for how long does the M4/AR15 & MP5 Instructor, UMP & Colt Instructor certificate offer me?
    The class is 6 Days and those who successfully pass this program are awarded my instructor certificate covering the H&K & Colt family and all other firearms covered on the class. It remains valid for as long as you are using and teaching these firearms, however, it is suggested if you do not use these firearms over 3-4 year period, simply retake 4 out of the original 6 days as a refresher. No other training group can offer this credible certificate for the cost requested. The syllabus covers the firearms from a tactical approach and does not cover "Shooting Positions", etc. applicable for patrol rifle, that is a different program.

  • How do I confirm Phil's, and all his Instructors credibility, resume and capabilities?
    First, I stand behind ALL our credibility's and resume. You are welcome to contact any one of us to validate these.

  • Personal references?
    I do not use individual references from people who are pro-me or currently in my favor, instead I will gladly send you the course attendance rosters for the last 1-2 years or classes pertaining to the training class of your interest. That way you have the freedom to contact anyone on the list you choose, and not my friends or my rehearsed, pre-selected few.

  • Do you supply the firearms, accessories and ammunition?
    No. These are your responsibility. However, sometimes when we have an International attendee who cannot bring these items into the country then the host department or myself can loan these items out and possibly sell you the ammunition. NOTE: If this is an important issue to you please call me because all classes, locations and host departments are different, some can some cannot.

  • Does Phil wear a wig, or is it just normal for him to have a permanent bad hair day?
    No. And then yes.

  • When is payment due?
    We don't require any money prior to the program. If you send us the payment early we will not cash it until we know you have attended the class. Most pay during the program and are given a receipt of payment. Some agencies/department administration work on 60-90 days turnaround period, so we sometimes expect delays. If you think there may be a problem contact us and we will work with you.

Phil Singleton
P.O. Box 638
Amissville, VA 20106
Office: 540 (937) - 4731

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